Birth Prep

We meet pregnancy with all the emotions: elation, excitement, relief, doubt, anxiety.  That’s before we mention the tiredness, nausea, sickness, body changes and crazy hormones.  Sound familiar?  Whether you’re a first-time mum or have a toddler in tow, please know you will rock this adventure into motherhood.

Preparing for birth doesn’t need to feel overwhelming but you need to do more than just ‘go with the flow’ (I know this from my first experience).  Many women feel that their birth experience has a direct impact on their emotional wellbeing, especially those first few weeks into motherhood.  My aim is to reduce fear and anxiety as well as safeguard your choices.  I will guide and support you and your birth partner through all your options to ensure you are stacked with confidence and an adaptable birth plan. 

New 12 week programme

Let’s make this easy. You’re apprehensive, anxious, are wondering how your gonna cope with what lies ahead. You’re keen for a natural birth but you don’t mind if you don’t get it as long as baby is okay.

What about you?

Have you thought about how YOU are going to FEEL? 

Have you thought about what happens if you have birth trauma to deal with on top of physical recovery? 

I put in place a SHIFT in mindset. 
I provide you with the GIFT of relaxation. 
I inform you of your BIRTH RIGHTS.
I cultivate a SAFE SPACE for you and your growing baby.

THIS is hypnobirthing made easy.

Investment from £20

This programme starts in Newton Stewart from 6th August.  We will be rolling this out to other areas very soon.  If you are keen to be part of the magic, get in touch to note your interest.

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